How to use an Amsler Grid

What is an Amsler Grid?

An Amsler Grid or Amsler Chart is a tool eye doctors use to examine vision problems. In particular, eye surgeons can use this tool to help detect Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD).

How do use the Amsler Chart?

If you think you’re at risk of AMD or another eye disease, you can download and print the chart and use it at home. All you need to do is

  1. Wear the glasses you normally wear when reading
  2. Hold the Amsler chart away in a comfortable reading position within a well-lit room
  3. Cover one eye and focus on the dot in the centre of the chart with your uncovered eye
  4. If you see any wavy, distorted lines or blurred or missing areas of your vision mark them on the chart – you may have symptoms of macular degeneration
  5. Repeat the test with the other eye

Keep in mind that using the Amsler grid at home does not replace a visit at your eye doctor. Doctors are trained to find signs that you might miss.

Here is a video of one of the nurses I work with at Clinica London, Ingrid Hurtado, explaining how to use the Amsler Chart.

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