General information about cataract surgery in London

When might cataract surgery be needed?

Cataract surgery may be needed when you notice the following symptoms of a cataract:

  • difficulty appreciating colours
  • difficulty reading
  • problems recognising faces
  • glare from bright lights

Symptoms requiring cataract surgery usually develop gradually. It is important to remember though that not all people with cataracts have these symptoms. Further, not all people with these symptoms have cataracts, as other conditions of the eye can cause similar problems.

Some of these other conditions can be serious, which is why it is so important to see a specialist if you have noticed any problems with your eyes. The other thing is that cataracts do not simply appear overnight.

All cataracts, however they are caused, grow slowly and so the symptoms they cause appear slowly too. Many people often don’t realise they have cataracts at all. They only find out when they get their eyes checked at an optician because they think that they need new glasses.

Finally, remember that because cataracts grow slowly, the problems that they cause with your eyesight ‘creep up’ on you slowly as well – often so slowly that you may not even notice them. I have seen many patients who have not realised they had cataracts at all and it has only been after I have treated them with cataract surgery by taking out the old cloudy lens that they notice how dramatically their vision improves.

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