How to refer a patient

I will see patients for:

  • Private cataract surgery.
  • AMD treatment.
  • Diabetic retinopathy.
  • Various other retinal diseases.

Optometrists and GPs

As an optometrist, you do not need to send your patient to a GP for a referral. You can refer your patient directly to me using this form below.

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Top 10 reasons to refer your patients to me


If you’re a GP or Optometrist that would like to refer a patient to me, your patients will receive the following benefits.

A consultant ophthalmologist who understands your needs

I have extensive experience in training GPs and optometrists at Moorfields and understand your fields and challenges. I have lectured specifically to this group on many occasions and have written published articles on ophthalmology for this target group.

Examples include:

  • Sudden onset single floater symptom in one eye: is urgent dilated fundal examination by an ophthalmologist warranted? (Link) published in the Emergency Medicine Journal.
  • Eye know it’s red (Link), published in The Lancet.
  • Sudden visual loss (Link), published in The Lancet.
  • Vitreous opacities in one eye of an asymptomatic patient. Asteroid hyalosis. (Link) available at PubMed.

I have also co-written three medical retina chapters in the best selling Atlas of Clinical Ophthalmology which is specifically aimed at trainee ophthalmologists, GPs and optometrists.

I give your patients quick access

My waiting time is short at present. I can see your referral patient within 2 weeks.

I keep you up to date with comprehensive reporting

I always report back to you on the diagnosis and management for every patient you refer. This helps to build a culture of shared care. I am available to discuss individual cases either by phone or email if you would like a more personal approach.

I refer patients back

I strive to refer patients who require glasses or contact lenses back to referring optometrists.

What my patients say