Important cataract facts

Cataract Facts Infographic

Did you know that in spite of attempts to develop eye drops which could replace cataract operations, currently the only cure for cataracts in a cataract operation?

It is the most common operation performed in the UK, with more than 300,000 procedures carried out each year. Have a look at the following facts to get rid of myths and learn what cataracts are really about.

For example, the assumption that close up work aggravates cataracts is actually not true. Progression of cataracts can be slowed by avoiding large amounts of ultraviolet light, not smoking, and following a healthy diet.

Conclusion: Wear UV-protection sunglasses when exposed to sunlight! Also, even if the main cause of cataracts is age, younger people can develop cataracts as well. Some medical conditions including diabetes may also cause cataracts and even babies can be born with cataracts.

Surprising, isn’t it?