Interesting Eye Facts

We use our eyes every day to examine the world around us, but we often forget how unique and fascinating they are. Recently the human eye has been called the second most complex part of the body, after the brain. So how much do we really know about our eyes?

Here are some interesting facts you might not have know about your eyes.

Eye Fact #1
An eye cannot be transplanted as there are about 1 Million nerve fibres that connect each eye to your brain which is technically too difficult to perform.
Eye Fact #2
An eye is composed of more than 2 million working parts.
Eye Fact #3
Eyes began to develop about 550 million years ago.
Eye fact #4
An human eye can distinguish over 10 million different colours.
Eye fact #5
People who are blind can see their dreams if they weren’t born blind.
Eye Fact #6
A fingerprint has 40 unique characteristics but your iris has 256 which makes it better for biometric data scanning.