The six symptoms of Computer Vision Syndrome

Computer Vision Syndrome is what arises from spending extended periods of time looking at a computer screen. There are multiple symptoms that CVS causes and these can interfere with daily activity and overall comfort. This is an image that displays the symptoms of Computer Vision Syndrome.

  • Red eyes: When spending extended amounts of time looking at a computer screen, one of the symptoms that can arise is red and irritated eyes. Eyes will appear bloodshot.
  • Neck pain: Another symptom that can arise from computer work is neck pain. Although this isn’t affecting your vision, it can cause soreness and tightness that can be extremely uncomfortable at times.
  • Blurred vision: This can occur from focusing on something for too long. Computer screens can put a tremendous strain on our eyes. It is not uncommon for people who spend a lot of their time looking at computer screens to suffer from some sort of vision problems.
  • Difficulty refocussing your eyes: After spending long periods of times looking at computer screens, our eyes sometimes have difficulties adjusting back. This even more so compared to reading a book or newspaper because of all the added elements of looking at a computer screen (contrast, brightness, glare, etc.).
  • Dry irritated eyes: Looking at computer screens for long periods of time can also dry out our eyes. Dry eyes can cause irritation because they’re not being properly lubricated.
  • Headaches: Straining your eyes can cause headaches since your eyes work extra harder to focus on computer screens.

There are certain precautions you can take to lessen the effects of Computer Vision syndrome. These precautions are taking more frequent breaks from your computer, adjusting the visual settings on your computer to where you don’t feel like you’re straining your eyes so much, and standing or practicing good posture to relieve neck pain.