Moorfields Eye Hospital – 6 Interesting Facts

Moorfields Eye Hospital Facts

If you want to have surgery in one of the oldest and most renowned eye hospitals in the world, Moorfields Eye Hospital is exactly what you are searching for. Here, I share six interesting Moorfields Eye Hospital facts you should know.

The history of Moorfields goes back to 1805, when John Saunders founded the hospital. During the Second World War, the hospital was heavily bombed, but remained open for urgency cases.

Moorfields Eye Hospital also has had an impact on educational processes in ophthalmology. The hospital was the first hospital that installed cameras for teaching and research purposes. As a result, eye doctors were able to view surgeries and were taught via video films.

Moorfields has always played a huge pioneer role in ophthalmology and offers the highest standard of eye care to its patients today.

The eye care service of Moorfields is offered all over in the UK. In total, over 130 consultant ophthalmologists practice at Moorfields, and I’m proud to be part of this team.

As you can see the Moorfields Eye Hospital is a great choice for addressing your eye problems.

If you want to get further information about Moorfields Eye surgery or if you have any other questions regarding your surgery, please contact me.