Why does my eye twitch?

Eye twitching is a pretty common problem, which usually goes away on its own. However, sometimes this problem can last for several days or even weeks, in such a case, a doctor should be consulted.

The infographic below will show you the most frequently reasons for eye twitching:

Why does my eye twitch infographic

1. Tiredness. Too little sleep is one of the main reasons for eye twitching. Simply getting some sleep can help.

2. Stress. Eye twitching can also be a sign of too much stress. Reducing the cause of the stress can help make the twitching stop.

3. Eye Strain (also known as Eye Fatigue)Any activity that requires intense use of the eyes, such as working on the computer all day, can cause vision-related stress, triggering eye twitching.

4. & 5. Caffeine and Alcohol. Too much caffeine and/or alcohol can cause eye twitching. Reducing your caffeine and/or alcohol consumption is worth a try.

6. Dry Eyes. Ageing is one of the most common causes of dry eyes because tear production decreases with age. It’s best to see your eye doctor for a dry eye evaluation because many treatments are now available.