Who can perform cataract surgery?

Since the number of cataract surgeries increases every year, there are more doctors performing cataract surgery. With increasing demand, the number of eye surgeons is increasing as well. But who is really qualified to perform this operation?

Doctors who are specialised in eye surgery are able to perform cataract surgery are called ophthalmologists or ophthalmic surgeons. But still, learning cataract surgery is difficult.

Many doctors say, that it takes hundreds or even thousands of cases to get past the difficult parts of the learning curve and perform nearly flawless cataract surgery. Therefore it is important to check the qualifications and the experience of the surgeon, when deciding for the right private cataract surgeon.

The surgeon is important, but is not the only person involved in cataract surgery. Often, the cataract patient pathway involves optometrists, technicians, nurses, and sometimes, anaesthesiologists. Even though the major responsibility for diagnosis and the performance of cataract surgery lies with the cataract surgeon, their team is an important factor in the process. Choosing an eye surgeon to perform your cataract surgery privately depends in part on their ability to handpick a team they trust. Non-medical team members are an important part of the patient appointment and the pre-operative assessment.

Here is a list that may help you decide who should perform your cataract surgery:

  • Do you feel you can discuss your concerns openly with your surgeon?
    Was their staff efficient and courteous to you?
  • Did they explain the process and procedure thoroughly with you?
    Did they help you understand options, risks and possible complications?
  • Did they discuss premium lenses with you?
  • Did they clearly discuss fees with you?

Considering all this, one should ensure that the cataract surgeon and the rest of the team is trustworthy and reliable. Having trust in your eye surgeon, and their ability to choose the right team, will give you the peace of mind you need to feel positive about your cataract surgery, and have confidence that your quality of life will increase after the cataract surgery.

Ask your surgeon the following questions at your private cataract surgery consultation:

  • how many cataract surgeries have you performed?
  • what is your complication rate for cataract surgery?
  • where will my cataract surgery be performed?
  • did you choose your team to help you perform my cataract surgery?
  • who do I call if I have a problem after cataract surgery?