How to put in eye drops

Putting in eye drops can be a mess and cause anxiety if you don’t know how to do it properly. Watch this quick video to get a step-for-step overview on how to put in eye drops.

Here are the 14 steps to help you put in eye drops like an expert:

(1) Clean your hands with soap and water and dry with a clean towel

(2) Remove contact lenses if you are wearing them

(3) Remove the cap of the eye-drop bottle without touching the tip

(4) Lie down or tilt your head back and concentrate at a point above you

(5) Place a finger below your eye and pull your lower lid down to create a pocket between your lid and eyeball

(6) Use your other hand to hold the bottle and tip it upside down

(7) Do not allow the tip to touch the lid or eyeball as to prevent infection

(8) Squeeze the bottle lightly to dispense one eye drop into the pocket

(9) Allow the eye drop to disperse by closing your eyes gently avoiding blinking

(10) You can press on the inner corner of your eyelid to prevent the drop going into your nose and allow the drop to stay in the eye for as long as possible

(11) Use a clean tissue to wipe any excess drop from your face

(12) Repeat this procedure for the other eye

(13) If you need to use more than one drop in an eye wait five minutes before putting in the second eye drop to ensure the first eye drop is properly absorbed

(14) Put the cap back on the eye bottle and wash your hands to finish.

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